You can Use E-mail to, Increase site traffic and get more visitors, Generate new sales & lead's, Retain customers,
Other communication needs, Educate an audience & Build your company brand.
Addition of other great benefits are it's, Measurable, Adjustable & Immediate.

Mailchimp is a free email auto responder 
that can help you & it intergrates with facebook
Join more than 8 million people who use MailChimp to 
design and send 600 million emails every day.


​If you want to know how many views your site has had, and where they came from, any basic tracker will do the job.  You will see how your traffic exchanges are performing, or how many times a tracked link on your blog, website or advertising emails has been clicked.
You simply add the website link you want to a new tracker, then insert the tracker in your website, blog or email.  This is especially great for long affiliate links, and the tracker will cloak your link if you choose, so that your affiliate id cannot be tampered with or removed.


​Promoting downline builders and rebranded e-books PLR's can be better than promoting single sites, because you can get multiple signups from every person who joins your downline builder or e-book site.
List building is potentially even better, because you can promote to the people on your list over and over, as long as you keep them interested and they keep reading your emails.  
List building is the holy grail of internet marketing, and a skill which you can take outside of the traffic exchanges and apply to any product you want to promote online, anywhere.

If you have the desire to build your list, you can learn how to do it.  
If list building seems a challenge to you, then read Build Your List With Ease, which will give you everything you need to get started, including full step-by-step instructions, squeeze pages, thank you and download pages
Be Organized for Success, and emails.  It also compares 4 popular autoresponders, including a free one's like Mailchimp Once you have learned the basics, you will be able to use any list building program and any autoresponder with confidence.

If you own a business that is using the web and you have not yet taken advantage of social media marketing, you're missing out on some very exciting opportunities.
Social media marketing gives you the opportunity to increase loyalty and trust for your brand. Social media is considerably more personalized than many traditional marketing methods used in the past.

Create a marketing plan and use all social media like LinkedIn,Facebook, Pinterest,Twitter and Youtube to market your business Online.
Online video marketing has become an important element in a marketing campaign. YouTube is an excellent tool you can use to promote yourself or your business.
Become a successful affiliate. Learn effective, ethical affiliate marketing techniques and tactics.




​If you are a digital marketer then you likely already know the benefits of a good mailing list. Likewise, if you run a business that sells products or offers services, then it’s probably fairly obvious how you can use your mailing list to reach more people and convince them to become customers or clients. However, it’s also possible to create a business entirely from a mailing list. That is to say that you don’t actually need a product or a service and you don’t need to be a blogger. A mailing list can be monetized to the point where it provides a stable income while offering value all on its own.

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